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Криптовалютный счет

forex futures

Each panel is a separate function forex futures can be placed on any of your screens Set the diverse settings per panel and forex futures them as your defaults Panels can be organized in groups, binds or workspaces to save space Save any custom Panel, Group or Bind as a quickly accessible template Broker-neutral platform driven by the trading community By using the Quantower platform you become a part of a big community and can forex futures the development vector by sharing your vision.

Many of the current features were inspired by the Focus group requests. This makes it possible to use such feature like Volume analysis for trading on Crypto exchanges.

forex futures

Get the platform Synchronous connection to Trade and analyse price change using multiple data providers in one trading environment Analyze a combined trading data from several Brokers or Data feeds in one interface Create your own trades history for fast forex futures playback and testing of your strategies Send your trading orders to several Brokers simultaneously and manage them in one application Open C API.

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