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By birt This article is obsolete and no longer maintained. I guess my adversity is mostly caused by the current state of the EA market: all over the globe there were a lot of really bad floods lately and it sure seems like the EA scene is trying to keep up by getting flooded with scalpers.

However, every now and then an original scalper shows up and I believe Forex Real Profit EA to fall into this category. Strategy It lurks in forex real profit ea market, patiently waiting for its trading time forex real profit ea it silently weaves a channel out of several Bollinger bands and some other arcane wizardry… When its trading session arrives, signals are calculated based on the forex real profit ea channel and the trigger is pulled forex real profit ea way or the other; pretty much like many other scalpers, the major difference being that the whole shebang comes out rather profitable.

As security measures, Forex Real Profit EA has some basic built-in news avoidance in the form of hardcoded future dates with news releases of major importance and it also has the aforementioned trend filter that is supposed to weed out trades against the underlying trend.

Похожие статьи Епсель-моксель! Рекомендую Forex Real Profit EA — это программный продукт, который работает на рынке Форекс принимая решения о покупках и продажах. Он работает автоматически, без вмешательства человека. По своим рабочим принципам эксперт использует пять разных стратегий, две для скальпинга на азиатской сессии, 2 для скальпинга на трендах в течение дня и одну пробойную стратегию. Причем ECN рекомендуется.

However, most of the time, the EA will close its positions a lot before they reach the stop loss if the market is going against it, resulting in a risk:reward ratio observed on live accounts of around The author recommends running it on an ECN broker and for good reason.

There seems to be a trend in this sense: most profitable EAs that I reviewed lately have sites without a lot of marketing crap. I have to confess: the simple, friendly website and the live results are the main factors that ultimately determined me to write the review, with a focus on its proven live performance.

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Speaking of which, there are two live accounts featured there and I forex real profit ea going to take the liberty to add their widgets here. If you want to experiment with optimization, you have everything you need: the stop loss distance, рейтинг криптовалют по капитализации take profit target and the time settings.

Forex Real Profit EA Review

You can, of course, change the lot size manually or configure a risk and enable money management. By default, the EA set files are configured with risk 3, which is a rather sensible value that I will use on the live forward test account.

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If you enable this setting, the EA will not attempt to open positions that would hedge existing trades controlled by other EAs. The last of the interesting parameters is a setting for the account free margin protection.

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This configures a threshold and Forex Real Profit EA will not open any additional trades if margin usage gets there. I imagine this setting can get really handy with leverage.

To this end, two set files with different magic numbers are supplied for each pair.

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Naturally, I ran into some difficulties with forex real profit ea this one because of the whole DST thing. Be prepared to add a lot of wear and forex real profit ea to your mousewheel while scrolling down through this article.

Just as a note, due to the large amount of backtests in this article, I will refrain from commenting each of them individually. However, that exception just goes to confirm the rule: it had an overall smoother balance curve.

The drawdown was very low in all backtests, but it can be seen that everywhere except the GBPCHF backtests again the relative drawdown resulted from running Forex Real Profit EA on the GMT interval is higher than the drawdown on the interval.

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The maximum observed was 7. So, to be able to properly do this, I proceeded to add DST capabilities to the script that exports the FXT files, resulting in an update that is now available for download on the tick data page. Please note that I used the normalized maximum spread, not the average, so the tests running with fixed spread and commission are really some kind of a worst case scenario.

In addition to the backtests with commission and fixed spread, I also ran the same backtests with the GO Markets average session spreads and without commission to see what the difference would be between ECN and non-ECN.

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I will try to group the trades by pair and time interval so you can easily compare the results.

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